Corkee's Award Winning Scented Crystals!


A little over three years ago now, in the Lancashire town of Darwen, someone set out to find an alternative to wax melts following a couple of spills which led to redecorating the living room twice and requiring a new sofa. 

That was Carley, Corkee's co-founder and the brains and creative force behind our Scented Crystals. There have been many people and companies which have followed in Corkee's footsteps over the past three years by releasing their versions of Scented Crystals, Sizzlers or Simmering Granules - however we are proud to have been awarded the SME Northern Enterprise Award for Most Innovative Fragrance Product for 2021. 

This also would never have been possible without our much valued customers! Our customers spur us on to continue trying to create and innovate new products.


  • Oh my gosh that’s amazing! I’ve tried a few copies and they are never as good as yours. Well deserved. Can’t wait for your new scent releases!

  • Congratulations! Thoroughly deserved…. Its fantastic to see recognition for all of your hard work!


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