What are the benefits of a Soap Sponge?

Here at Corkee, we started making soap sponges two years ago. I say we, it's Carley that make the magic happen with the sponges. I (Mark), have tried and failed many times. And now I just don't bother... I leave it to the expert.

A soap sponge is a normal sponge that has been filled with high quality, scented and coloured soap. We have the benefit that our soap sponges are made by us, not bought in. We also manufacture hundreds of sponges per month for other retailers up and down the country and receive great feedback from their customers too. All aspects of the sponge are made in the UK, from the sponges to the soap ingredients and fragrances used.

But what are the benefits?

They eliminate the need for shower gels, soaps, lotions or other products, many of which are supplied in non-recyclable bottles, too. Soap sponges also offer gentle skin exfoliation on a daily basis. Exfoliating the skin can help towards a great tan as dead skin cells are removed. They're also great at removing fake tan! 

They are liquid free, and therefore ideal for holidays abroad, and can even be included in hand luggage. Perfect also for gym use, using a small plastic soap case or tub to transport it in your gym bag. 

Lasting 4-5 weeks with daily use, they are cost effective and leave you feeling fresh and clean, and are available in a wide variety of scents, including scents inspired by your favourite perfumes and aftershaves. 



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